Going Live

Going live as Ohio opens up is going to require strategy as many people may not be comfortable attending live service right away. Because of this, we should plan on streaming live service on Sundays for the people that are used to watching service at 10:30 AM on YouTube and Facebook.

Audio Equipment

Behringer X32 Rack

Our mixer, what we commonly call “the board,” is unable to make it sound great both in the room and online. We’re going to need a second audio mixer. This is a much more compact mixer.

  • Compact - very portable, can be used for mobile/travel purposes
  • No Learning Curve - The X32 has an identical interface to our current M32 board
  • Multi-Purpose - Could be used for in-ear expansion for on-stage musicians



We need to get the audio from one board to the other. To give us flexibility for where the broadcast board can be placed we should use Dante.

  • Industry Standard - This is the industry standard for audio transmission
  • Ableton to Boards - This can be used to send Ableton (backing tracks) to both boards from a single computer
  • Pro6 to Boards - ProPresenter6 (music and slides before/after service) can be sent to both boards from a single computer
  • Keyboard On Stage - The keyboard on stage can be sent to both boards via Dante (much higher quality)
  • Digital Transmission - Dante would allow the audio to stay digital all the way to the board, instead of converting digital to analog then back to digital.
  • Post-Production - Dante would allow us to send audio to an additional computer for post-production recording
  • Wired Networking - Dante would have all the computers connected via a wired network, providing a much more reliable connection between all of our equipment instead of wireless.


Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

The second audio engineer needs to hear the sound to make a great mix. It’s very important that they have a solid set of studio monitoring headphones. 

We should also get a pair of studio monitor speakers to give the engineer a second opinion, as well as a way for the video switcher to hear service without a delay.


Portable Rack on Wheels

Some of this equipment should live somewhere.


ASUS Gigabit Router

We’ll need a router that can handle all of this audio information, along with still letting the team connect to the board to control their in-ears.

We’ll also need a gigabit switch on-stage to split between multiple devices.


Assorted Cables & Connectivity

We’re going to need assorted CAT6 networking cables. 


This is phase one of what we need to have a successful live online experience. We’ll have everything we need for a nice looking service with a great sound. While things will look and sound great, we’ll be missing the display of bible verses, lyrics, and any other key components in the “lower thirds” of the screen.

Phase two that we’ve got specced out (but not on this page) will give us what we need to complete the live online experience.

Please keep in mind that this still relies on Steve Taylor’s MacBook Pro as one of the two computers needed on Sunday mornings to successfully run ProPresenter6, Ableton Live, and Lightkey. If we decided we wanted to record our service for full post-production—where we have all the tracks to make it sound amazing—we would need a third computer and another Dante Software license. This isn’t on our needs list at this time, but please keep this in mind.

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