Take the next step with Mosaic Church

Keep moving forward in your faith.


When you become a Christian the next step is baptism. An outward expression of your inward faith.


When you sign up for partnership you are saying “This is my tribe. These are my people. Mosaic is home.”


So…reading, studying, praying are all essential to growing in your faith. However, we believe that if you attempt to grow in isolation on your own you will only be able to go so far. ​

Read The Bible

If you want to grow spiritually, the most important habit you can form is reading your Bible every single day. The best tool we’ve found is the YouVersion Bible app.

At the risk of sounding like a commercial…

  • There are hundreds of translations to choose from (we use NLT)
  • There are thousands of Bible Reading Plans
  • The app means you will always have the Bible with you. So when you get those free minutes throughout the day, spend time reading rather than checking Instagram or raiding in Clash of Clans…
  • You can connect with friends to keep each other accountable and go through Reading Plans together.

Pastor Adam’s favorite plan is called the “Robert Roberts” plan. Stupid name, we know, but what it lacks in name, it makes up for in structure.

Dig Deeper

While we believe that reading the Bible every day is essential to spiritual growth, we also realize that it can be hard to understand in spots. That can be discouraging and make developing the habit even harder.

We discovered a really powerful tool to help you understand what is going on in the different books of the Bible. It’s called “The Bible Project.” If you don’t love reading, or totally hate reading, this tool is made up of YouTube videos with great visuals to keep things interesting.

There are videos for each book of the Bible and different topics, as well. They give some background and help explain what’s going on and how it all fits together in the larger story God is telling.