Play A Part

Play A Part


The greatest gifts we can provide to a parent on Sunday morning are; peace of mind that their child is safe, that the environment is clean, and that our nursery workers are trustworthy. Every volunteer completes a background check, and a simple interview with our GKidz Director, Amanda McFarland.

If you share these values, love little ones and are looking for a great place to jump into serving – the nursery might just be the place! One of the greatest advantages to serving in the nursery is the schedule; nursery volunteers serve on average just one weekend each month. Interested?


Want to serve in a high-energy environment and make a lasting impression on little lives? GKidz is the place for you! Don’t worry, if you’ve never worked with grade school age kids before, we’ll help you get acclimated, train you for your role and resource you to do great things. GKidz is a blast – and we’re just waiting for you to be a part of it! GKidz volunteers generally serve one month on, one month off. Interested?


At Mosaic, we don’t look at Formed as a holding tank to keep tweens occupied while the adults do church. We think that God has a plan for every one of them. We believe God made each of them with a purpose, and gave them each specific gifts to use for His Kingdom. Want us to prove it? A number of our Formed students serve every single weekend in our main venue. We have students with roles on the Worship Team, Tech Team, Set-up crew and in GKidz – and they make a difference! If you want to engage with students in this super-impressionable stage of life, and are willing to work hard at finding ways to make authentic connections – we want to talk with you! Formed volunteers normally serve the first and last weekends of each month. Interested?


High school. What an amazing time to be alive. The joy of youth, the angst of all the experiences in these 4 years, and the life-impacting decisions these students will make mean that a 180 volunteer is going to help shape the person each student will become. 180 is the newest team at Mosaic. As a matter of fact, it’s in development right now! We’re making decisions on the format, direction and “feel” of this important team. We won’t lie – we think it takes a special kind of person to effectively work with high school students. Think you might want to be a part of it? We’d love to talk with you about what that might look like. Interested? Click here.

First Impressions

If you don’t like to smile, you can stop reading now. Our First Impressions team are literally the very first people a guest runs into. We feel that it is super important to make a great First Impression, and we want outgoing, friendly, helpful individuals to make up this team. The tasks are simple; hold a door, make eye contact, smile, maybe shake a hand. From there, we expect our team members to identify first time guests and help them find their way. It could be taking them to GKidz check-in and helping them through that process, pointing out the restrooms, making their very first introduction to another Mosaic attender… Whatever it takes to help that person feel that we were expecting them and are glad they’re here.

Setup Team

We know you’re smart enough to realize that the Mosaic weekend event doesn’t “just happen”. It takes literally dozens of volunteers to pull off a weekend service. And on the front lines, you’ll find our set-up team. Set-up team arrives at the high school each Sunday at 7:30am. The PAC team focuses on creating the stage environment; (lighting trusses, screens, drum riser, instruments, speakers, monitors, cabling) all this has to be in place and tested by 9am when the Worship Team takes the stage for rehearsal. The GKidz team builds out all of our student spaces (GKidz big event, GTotz and the Nursery) as well as the Commons. It’s a fast paced, fun environment, and the members of this team love to harass each other, encourage each other and help each other pull off the impossible each week.

This team is the foundation of everything that happens at a Mosaic weekend event. Interested?

Tech Team

Lights! Camera! Action! Members of the tech team turn ideas into experiences. Sound, ProPresenter (that would be our screen images and videos), lighting, video and communications (that’s a fancy way of saying – where all the cables and wireless units go) – each area needs to function flawlessly each week – at least, that’s our goal. The best news is; you don’t have to be a pro in any of these areas. If you are willing to learn and take direction well, we’ll have you up and running in no time. Tech team members usually operate on a rotation schedule. This means, you won’t serve every week. We will work with you to help your serving schedule fit your life schedule. Interested? Click here.

Mosaic Worship

We believe that leading worship doesn’t begin with your voice or your instrument – it begins with the practice of personal worship and a lifestyle of character. After that has been established, we’ll take a look at your musical ability. We are always looking for talented singers and musicians to help lead songs at our weekend event. If you’ve attended Mosaic for any amount of time, you probably have a pretty good feel for the style of songs we do and the level of engagement we strive to reach from the platform.

While there is room for a wide range of talent to participate on team, we do have a standard of pursuing excellence, and a culture of constant growth in our specific craft. As Adam likes to say; “Just because your grandma thinks you sing beautifully, doesn’t mean we will”. Accurate self-assessment, a teachable attitude and a great work ethic are what you’ll need to become a member of Mosaic Worship. Team members make a significant time commitment to the team on weeks they are scheduled.


As Mosaic continues to grow, so do the needs in the church. From time to time a family in the church will have an unexpected crisis (some serious, some not so serious). Hospitality team is there to make sure that families needs are taken care of. It's part of what we think it means to be a church. If you like to make food for people in need or want to help in this ministry in any way click here.

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