What is a Thrive Group?

It's a small group of people who meet in someone's home every week for around 8 weeks. We have a variety of topics and days to choose from.

Winter Semester will run from the week of January 28th through the week of March 18th.

Check out the topics that will be offered this Fall!​

Who Are You?

Study on identity

Some of the hardest questions we have to answer center around identity. Who we believe ourselves to be has a HUGE impact on our how we live our lives—either for good or evil. In this group we will look at your personality (how God wired you), your spiritual gifts (how God equipped you to help and serve others), and your love language (how God designed for you to feel loved by others). If you are interested in those three things—this group is for you!

Registration Closed! Class Full.

Sermon on the Mount

Study on Matthew 5-7

Jesus' most famous sermon ever is recorded in the book of Matthew chapters 5-7. In just three chapters, He pours out a life time of wisdom. If you can apply just a piece of what Jesus said in this sermon, your life will change drastically. If you are interested in a practical yet deep look at some of the most profound and famous things Jesus ever said—this group is for you.

Thursday 12:00 PM Wadsworth

Financial Peace

Study on How to Handle Money

Money can be one of the biggest stressors in our lives. The bills come fast. The paychecks don’t seem to come fast enough. The car breaks down. The kids need school supplies. It never ends. However, a little preparation and a little planning can put you on the path to financial freedom. If your finances are chaotic or you just feel like you could use some direction on how to wisely handle your money—this group is for you!

Wednesday 7:00 PM New Franklin

Gospel of Mark

Study in the book of Mark

The book of Mark is an up-close look at Jesus’ life and ministry. It is a succinct (only 16 chapters) but insightful (Mark used Peter, one of Jesus’s closest disciples, as a source) book. In this group you will get three things. First, you will get to know Jesus better by looking at some of the most profound and powerful things He said and did. Second, you will be challenged to think and live the way Jesus did. Third, you will learn how to read your Bible more effectively using the book of Mark as an example. If you are interested in those three things—this group is for you!

Monday 7:00 PM Sterling
Wednesday 7:00 PM Wadsworth
Thursday 7:00 PM Wadsworth
Friday 7:00 PM Green

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