Mosaic Service Reopening

Safety Measures

Safety measures for the in-person worship experience

Masks recommended

Everyone's favorite controversy right now. No you don't have to. But all our GKIDZ volunteers will be wearing them and many of our other volunteers will as well.

Sanitizing wipes and hand washing

We'll have individual sanitizing wipes available at the entrance. We're also asking that you wash your hands when you use the restroom. were already doing that...right?

GKIDZ hula hoops

Our GKIDZ will be using hula hoops to encourage the kids to social distance (and will probably be used as weapons). We are also making a concerted effort to control class size with the younger ages.

Stay home if you are sick or have been exposed

Please use common sense. If you have a fever or a cough stay home. If someone in your household has been exposed in the last 14 days, stay home . If you are a Steelers fan, stay home (just kidding..)

Every other row

We will be blocking off every other row in the PAC. Please leave a couple seats between your family and the next. Dear introverts- you're welcome.

Doors propped and air hugs

You won't have to touch a door handle or hug anyone. Or shake hands. Shoot- if you wear a mask you don't even have to fake smile at anyone...

Live streaming

If you still aren't comfortable coming in person, we will be live streaming our worship experience on Facebook and YouTube.

Kids Registration

We’re asking parents to pre-register their kids so we can be prepared. Please click the button below to begin the process.

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